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Water, Sewer and Gas Lines

J&J Plumbing offers complete water, sewer and gas line repair and replacement services. If you believe you have a leak, call J&J to find the problem fast. Our Master plumbers can provide quick installation of water, sewer or gas lines in NW Arkansas with minimal disruption to your home.

Water Lines


Water lines can leak or break causing major damage to your home or property. If you suspect a leak, call the leaders in NW Arkansas plumbing at J&J now! Discovered leaks have often been leaking for longer than suspected, causing unseen damage. If you see seepage or ponding of water, or if you notice your meter has been reading higher than it should, call J&J Plumbing for help with Water Line Repair in NW Arkansas. Water standing in yard.


Gas Lines


Call J&J Plumbing to help fix gas lines in NW Arkansas. While the gas company is responsible for the lines running to the meter at your house, those that run from your meter into your NWA home are the home-owners responsibility. The home-owner is liable for any repair, or failure to these lines. If you suspect a leak, call J&J immediately!

Running gas to outside Grill. Running gas to Cook Stove.  Smell gas?  Call us!


Sewer Lines


J&J Plumbing provides professional, quick sewer repairs and installation. Line replacement, installation, snaking, clog clearing and more! J&J does it all.

Call us today for your NW Arkansas Sewer Line Repairs.

Is water coming up in your bathtub when you flush the toilet?  Call us!


Service Areas


We proudly serve all of NW Arkansas including Benton County and Washington County and provide plumbing fixture repair and installation in Bentonville, Rogers, Lowell, Bella Vista, Centerton, Springdale, Fayetteville, and all the communities in between.


J&J provides Plumbing Excavation Services in Northwest Arkansas for all your Yardline Repair and Replacement needs!


Contact us today at 479-381-0162 !

Sewer Line Repair Bentonville
Plumbing Excavation Bentonville
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