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Gas Appliance Installation and Hook-Up

There is more to a gas appliance hook-up than you may think. Not only do the fuel lines have to be expertly attached, so do other items such as wastewater lines and water inlets. Precision installation is key to your appliance working as designed, and J&J Plumbing has provided gas appliance hook-ups in NW Arkansas for more than 20 years. We have the experience and expertise necessary to make sure your installation is done correctly so you can enjoy years of worry-free performance.

Gas Appliance Hook-Up Features


We are familiar with all makes and models of all gas appliances, no matter how technologically advanced they may be. Our gas appliance hook-up advantages include:


  • Experienced technicians

  • Prompt response and service

  • Vast knowledge of all gas appliances


We know how important it is that your gas appliances are hooked up correctly the first time so that you do not experience problems down the road. Running gas to outside grill. Running gas to cook stove.  Call us if you think you smell a gas leak.  Run gas to my cook stove.

Gas Applianc Hookup NW Arkansas
Call J&J Plumbing for Gas Appliance Hookups in NW Arkansas


Whether you need a hook-up for a refrigerator, washer, dryer, stove, oven, dishwasher, gas grill, indoor/ourdoor fireplace, or any other type of gas appliance. We are here to ensure that hook-up will be performed effectively and efficiently. Please don’t try to do this type of job yourself – you could not only endanger yourself and others, you could also cause costly damage. Leave the job to the professionals at J&J Plumbing Bentonville Arkansas.


At J&J Plumbing, our technicians will arrive on time and will perform all work to code with top grade material, assuring your family and homes safety. Work is done efficiently, and upon completion, all jobs are followed by a thorough clean up, and complete respect is given to your home.

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